Monday, May 3, 2010


Dobox Recordings » DBDF033

This is the craziest FREE Compliation youll ever get. Some serious talent on this one. My alter ego Deadly Venomz did a track on this one. I also designed the artwork for the release!

Plural Combative
Kamil P aka The Influence – ‘Detown Afterhourz’
Arturo Garces – ‘Last Night’
James Hammer – ‘Gain An Hour’
Popkan – ‘Jack The Bass’
Qorser – ‘No Justification’
Juan Segovia – ‘The Pest (I’m Never Camping With You Again Mix)’
Steve Cooley – ‘Goeseast’
AEOD-Darkhappy – ‘Sadness’
Deadly Venomz – ‘Read A Book’
Jerome Baker – ‘Universal Guitar’
Soundthru – ‘Quenchy’
DJ Developer – ‘Runner 50′
Ellery Cowels – ‘SoulFul’
Lester Fitzpatrick – ‘Erica The Beautiful’
El Gato #9 – ‘Mercury In Retrograde’
Snackmaster – ‘Take 3′
Omar Cabaleiro – ‘Delta’
Lady Blacktronika – ‘Techno Jihad’
The Rhythmist – ‘Deepened’
Kit Clayton – ‘Shallow Water’
Corey Rogers – ‘Here Voices’
Bangers and Nash -’The Monk Effect’
Complete Release

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